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Your Dream Pool: Our Top 5 Custom Design Picks

By May 9, 2024May 30th, 2024Custom Pools
Your Dream Pool: Our Top 5 Custom Design Picks

Your Dream Pool: Our Top 5 Custom Design Picks

Custom pools are a versatile and personalized addition to any home. They offer a unique allure and are available in several types, such as infinity, natural, smart, lap, and family pools with safety features. Each type has its own design possibilities, features, environmental considerations, and lifestyle integration recommendations. Single feature pools are also a sophisticated choice for pool enthusiasts. Custom pools are a transformative addition to any home.

Waterside Poolscapes is dedicated to creating custom pools that match our clients’ needs. We pay careful attention to every stage of the process, from designing the pool to constructing it. If you’re planning to add a custom pool to your backyard, keep reading for our top five pool design element recommendations.

What is a custom pool?

A custom pool is designed and constructed to fit the unique specifications and desires of a homeowner. Unlike standard, off-the-shelf pool options, custom pools offer limitless design possibilities, allowing for the incorporation of personalized features, materials, and shapes. This bespoke approach ensures that each pool not only matches the aesthetic and functional requirements of the space it occupies but also reflects the individual lifestyle and preferences of the owner.

From the choice of size and depth to the selection of advanced technological systems, every aspect of a custom pool is crafted with the owner’s vision in mind, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to any home.

Why consider a custom pool design?

Custom pool designs are worth considering for their ability to align perfectly with your lifestyle and personal taste. They offer personalization that goes beyond the basic function of a swimming pool, transforming your backyard into a unique sanctuary for entertainment, relaxation, and aesthetic appeal. A custom pool can become the centerpiece of your outdoor living space, reflecting your individual style and enhancing the overall value of your property.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate eco-friendly features, advanced technology, or specific design elements that cater to fitness or family fun, a custom pool design ensures that every detail is tailored to meet your exact needs and desires. This level of customization not only elevates your home’s outdoor environment but also adds a significant touch of luxury and uniqueness to your property.

Personalization to Match Lifestyle

Custom pools stand out by offering personalization that aligns perfectly with your daily life. Whether your passion lies in doing laps every morning, immersing yourself in nature, or integrating the latest technology for ease and efficiency, the design of your pool can be tailored to fit every aspect of your lifestyle. This bespoke approach ensures your pool is more than just a body of water; it’s a reflection of your personal taste and way of life.

Unique Features for Entertainment and Relaxation

Incorporating unique features into your custom pool turns it into the ultimate haven for both entertainment and relaxation. Imagine the serene sound of waterfalls, the allure of hidden grottos, the convenience of swim-up bars, or the luxury of an integrated spa. These elements transform your pool area into an inviting space for leisure and socializing, making every moment spent by the water a luxurious escape.

Value Addition to Property Through Aesthetic Appeal

A custom pool significantly enhances the aesthetic appeal and value of your property. Tailored to complement your home’s architecture and landscaping, a bespoke pool design elevates your backyard into an eye-catching centerpiece. This not only boosts your enjoyment of the space but also increases the market value of your home, making it a worthwhile investment for the future.

Top 5 Custom Design Picks

Exploring the top custom design picks unveils a world where functionality meets creativity, offering something for every homeowner. Infinity pools stand out for their visually stunning, edgeless design, creating a seamless blend with the horizon. Natural pools bring eco-friendliness to the forefront, mimicking the serene beauty of natural water bodies with sustainable materials and filtration systems.

Smart pools revolutionize pool management through automated cleaning, heating, and lighting systems, controllable with just a touch. Lap pools are the go-to for fitness enthusiasts, offering an elongated design perfect for swimming laps in style. Lastly, family pools prioritize safety and fun, featuring shallow areas, slip-resistant surfaces, and engaging water elements for all ages.

Each design showcases unique ways a pool can elevate lifestyle, entertainment, and property value, making it a top choice for those looking to invest in their homes.

1. Infinity Pools for Seamless Edge Visuals

Infinity pools captivate with their seamless edge visuals, where water flows over the edges, creating a mesmerizing effect that blends with the skyline or surrounding landscape. Ideal for properties with breathtaking views, they amplify the beauty of both the pool and its environment.

2. Natural Pools for Eco-Friendly Designs

Natural pools stand out for their eco-friendly designs, utilizing plants and natural filtration to purify water without chemicals. Perfect for those desiring a sustainable option, they harmonize with outdoor spaces, offering a green, visually appealing solution.

3. Smart Pools with Automated Systems

Smart pools embody modern convenience with automated systems for cleaning, heating, and lighting controlled via smart devices. They cater to tech-savvy homeowners seeking efficiency and ease of use, providing a cutting-edge pool experience.

4. Lap Pools for Fitness Enthusiasts

Lap pools, with their streamlined design, are specifically crafted for swimming laps, catering to fitness enthusiasts. Customizable to fit various spaces, they enable homeowners to blend fitness with style, creating a personal wellness retreat.

5. Family Pools with Safety Features

Family pools prioritize safety with features like shallow play areas, non-slip surfaces, and barriers. Ideal for families or for entertaining guests, they ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all ages, combining fun with peace of mind.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Custom Pool Design

Selecting the perfect custom pool design involves considering several key factors to ensure the final product aligns with your expectations and lifestyle. Budget constraints play a crucial role, as they determine the scale and features possible within your custom pool project. Space availability and yard size are equally important, influencing the pool’s shape, size, and orientation.

Maintenance requirements and associated costs also merit attention, as they impact long-term enjoyment and upkeep. Lastly, climate and seasonal usage dictate the design’s functionality and practicality, ensuring your pool remains a year-round haven or a seasonal delight. Balancing these factors leads to a custom pool that not only meets but exceeds your desires, providing a lasting addition to your home.

Budget Constraints and Financing Options

Budget constraints are paramount in planning for a custom pool. It’s crucial to consider various financing options, such as loans or flexible payment plans, to align your dream pool with your financial realities. Establishing a clear budget upfront allows for strategic choices regarding size, depth, materials, and special features, ensuring a perfect balance between your desires and your wallet.

Space Availability and Yard Size

The space availability and yard size at your disposal directly influence your pool’s potential design. These dimensions dictate not only the physical size but also the shape and placement of your pool. Tailoring the design to fit your specific outdoor space ensures that your pool complements your home’s landscape, whether it’s an expansive estate or a cozy backyard haven.

Maintenance Requirements and Costs

Considering the maintenance requirements and costs associated with a custom pool is essential. Opting for designs and materials that demand less upkeep can significantly reduce long-term maintenance expenses. Features like automated cleaning systems can be a wise investment, turning pool maintenance from a tedious task into a hassle-free part of your routine.

Climate and Seasonal Usage

Your local climate and intended seasonal usage of the pool should guide its design. For cooler climates, incorporating heating options or selecting designs suitable for year-round use can maximize your pool’s utility. In contrast, warmer climates may benefit from cooling features or shade structures to ensure the pool remains a refreshing oasis throughout the hotter months.

How to Start the Process of Getting a Custom Pool Design

Embarking on the journey to realize your dream custom pool begins with finding designers with a proven track record of bringing unique visions to life. Setting a realistic budget is a crucial next step, taking into account not just the construction costs but also landscaping, maintenance, and any additional features you desire. Planning the design with both aesthetics and functionality in mind ensures that your pool will not only look spectacular but also suit your lifestyle needs.

Navigating the permit process and understanding local regulations are essential to ensure compliance and avoid future complications. Finally, selecting a trusted contractor to bring your vision to life marks the beginning of the construction phase, transforming your concept into a tangible luxury.

Research Designers with Relevant Experience

Begin by identifying designers who have a proven track record in custom pool creation. Look for professionals whose portfolios reflect a range of styles and who demonstrate an understanding of how to blend aesthetics with functionality. Their expertise will be crucial in turning your vision into a reality.

Set a Realistic Budget Considering All Costs

It’s important to set a realistic budget that encompasses all aspects of the pool project—from initial construction to long-term maintenance. Factor in costs such as landscaping, water features, and any high-tech systems you wish to include to ensure financial preparedness for both immediate and future expenses.

Plan the Design with Functionality in Mind

Planning your pool’s design should involve a careful consideration of how it will be used. Whether you’re aiming for a serene retreat, a fitness area, or a family-friendly space, ensure the design incorporates features that align with your lifestyle and usage preferences.

Obtain Permits and Understand Local Regulations

Navigating the permit process and understanding local regulations are critical steps in the pool design process. These legalities can influence various aspects of your project, from design to depth and safety features, ensuring your pool complies with all local codes and regulations.

Begin Construction with a Trusted Contractor

Choosing a trusted contractor to oversee the construction of your custom pool is the final step. Opt for a builder with a solid reputation for quality and reliability, someone who communicates clearly and has a history of completing projects on time and within budget. This partnership is key to realizing the pool of your dreams.


Embarking on the creation of a custom pool is a journey that transforms your outdoor space into a personal paradise tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. By carefully selecting the right design, considering all financial aspects, and working with experienced professionals, you can ensure that your custom pool not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Whether it’s for relaxation, fitness, family fun, or aesthetic appeal, a custom pool is a valuable addition to your home, enhancing both your quality of life and property value.

With the right planning and execution, your dream pool can become a reality, offering endless enjoyment and making your home a true oasis.

Waterside Poolscapes

Waterside Poolscapes designs pools that harmonize with the surrounding landscape. We make the process of adding your dream pool to your yard stress-free by providing guidance and communication throughout the project. Contact us now to create your perfect pool paradise!